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This FAQ was constructed to assist both existing and potential owners of one of motoring's best kept secrets, the Subaru Impreza. Although primarily aimed at turbocharged models, it is hoped that much of the information will be of interest to owners of normally aspirated Imprezas.

This document was created on the 8th March 1998 by John Stewart, Steve Breen, Adam Curtin and Peter Croney with the essential assistance of the members of the SIDC and IWOC mailing lists and (in later versions) by readers of the FAQ worldwide. This was then re-published on this Wiki by Steve Crisp on 21 Sep 2007. This is your FAQ, so please either email with additions, corrections or queries or go ahead and click edit at the top of each page to update yourself.

The style of this document is a bit different from conventional FAQs, which have a question-and-answer structure. Instead, we've taken things which you want to know and put in more of a referency style. This means that we can sneakily add in things which aren't "frequently asked" but which we think you ought to know anyway!

Feel free to browse the live FAQ trail below. Links to previous and next trail pages can be found in the footer of each page below.

Impreza History

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Copyright 1998-2000 Steve Breen, Peter Croney, Adam Curtin, John Stewart, see Copyright page for details

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