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(:groupheader:)This section is to categorise and describe all modifications in the engine bay and drivetrain. We should attempt to describe each modification in general and highlight specific difference in fitment between models. <:vspace> * [[ECU]] ** [[Estimated Horse Power From Injectors]] * [[Engine]] ** [[(Knowledge/)Boost Related Issues]] ** [[Manual Boost Controller]] ** [[Adjust Your Wastegate Arm]] ** [[Sensors]] ** [[Oil Labelling | Oil Labelling Explained]] ** [[Make Your Own Det Cans]] ** [[ReplaceSparkPlugs | Spark Plug Replacement]] * Fuel ** [[LpgConversion | Scooby LPG Conversion]] * Induction ** [[STi 8 Intercooler onto MY00 Classic]] ** [[Air Filter]] ** [[Resonator Removal]] ** [[(Knowledge/)Dump Valve Fitting Instructions]] * Exhaust ** [[CEL Fix]] (after going decatting your exhaust) ** [[Decat Exhaust]] ** [[Cat Mot Failure Fix | CAT MoT Failure Fix]] ** [[Downpipe fitting instructions]] * Gearbox ** [[(Knowledge/)Gear Oil Faq]](:groupfooter:) <:block>