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Exterior Styling

Many of the Suppliers listed below offer various bits and pieces to make your Impreza a little bit different form the standard item. Many owners though are more than happy to let their car be the ultimate Q-car and NOT stand out in the crowd!

Various rear spoilers are available. The most common type is the group N high level rear spoiler for the 4 door (standard on the 99 model) which is available from various sources such as Prodrive, Autosportif , and Regal . A much larger adjustable rear spoiler is also available from Regal, and Scoobysport import a carbon fibre WRC-replica wing. Even the 5 door is not missed and Prodrive offer a double upper and lower spoiler for the back of the hatchback.

At the front of the car Prodrive and others offer a front bumper lip spoiler adding the aggressive look. It should be noted that some chin lip spoilers offered for sale are dubious in their legality due to their ankle/shin slicing abilities when involved with impacts with pedestrians

Interior Styling

The interior of the standard Impreza can never be described as extravagant or luxurious, with the pre-97 models being especially austere.

Dealers offer the standard seats retrimmed in leather, usually by a local firm, and as a result prices are usually negotiable and quality varies.

Prodrive offer interior re-trimming packages which include replacing the front seats with items from Recaro, and the rear seats and door panels trimmed in the same material. The package includes a choice of different gearknobs etc, and Prodrive monogrammed car mats.

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