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(:groupheader:)This site is a [[WikiWikiWeb]] -- a collaborative authoring system that allows multiple people to edit a common set of pages via the World Wide Web. <:vspace> To edit a page, simply click on the '''Edit''' link in the header or footer, and then modify the text in any way you want. Also enter an 'Author' name - a nickname you would like to be known as and optionally a 'Summary' of the edit you are making. Feel free to 'Preview' your edits 'Save' when you are done. Yes, you can even edit pages others have created--that's part of [[WikiNature]]. <:vspace> Note: Some pages are on this site are password protected (not many), so if you have been allocated a password please enter it when requested. <:vspace> The rules for basic page editing are fairly simple--start each line without spaces and put a blank line between paragraphs. There are more [[text formatting rules]] for lists and other specialized text, if you want to do that. You can edit the [[Main/WikiSandbox]] page if you want to try things out in a way that won't affect any of the pages on this site. <:vspace> To create references to other pages, [=[[double bracket]]=] words to create a page title. This automatically creates a hyperlink. Make titles for [[New Subjects]], even if you don't have anything to say about them. Maybe someone will come along and fill out a page for the new link. <:vspace> After you '''Save''' a page, you may need to click '''Reload''' to make your browser do a refresh. This will let you see the changes you just made. Click the '''?''' after [[Links]] to any new pages to edit them and add text. <:vspace> A page's (full) name is ''[=GroupName.PageTitle=]'', such as [[Knowledge.ECU]]. To refer to a page in the current [[Wiki Group]], write its ''[=PageTitle=]''. To refer to a page in another group, write its full name. <:vspace> Not sure how best to organize a collection of Wiki pages? Scoobypedia is already organised in to a basic [[Scoobypedia/Site Structure]]. If you want to organise differently the [[Wiki Structure]] guide describes the options. <:vspace> Not sure how to write for wiki? The [[Good Style]] guide describes wiki writing conventions. <:vspace> More detailed documentation can be found in the [[Documentation Index]] <:vspace> %trail%<<|[[DocumentationIndex]]|>>(:groupfooter:) <:block>