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(:groupheader:)The pages below describe various aspects of [[#using|using]], [[#admin|administering]] and [[#trouble|troubleshooting]] a PmWiki installation, as well as aspects of the [[#misc|PmWiki community]]. <:vspace> As you can see, the documentation is still incomplete. Feel free to help yourself and others by completing it! Just edit the pages on %newwin%[[PmWiki:DocumentationIndex|pmwiki.org]]. You might want to follow or contribute to the [[PmWiki:DocumentationGuidelines | documentation guidelines]]. <:vspace> !! [[#contents]] Table of Contents <:vspace> * [[#using | Beginner Topics for Creating/Editing Pages]] * [[#intermed |Intermediate Editing Topics]] * [[#struct | Wiki Structures: Organizing and Protecting Pages]] * [[#admin | PmWiki Site Administration]] * [[#misc |About PmWiki]] <:vspace> ---- <:vspace> !! [[#using]] Beginner Topics for Creating and Editing Pages <:vspace> * [[Basic editing]] - Examples of common PmWiki page markup * [[Creating new pages]] - How to add a page to the site * [[Links]] - Creating links to other places in the site or to an external URL * [[Images]] - Placing images in pages * [[Text formatting rules]] - A large list of available PmWiki markup <:vspace> !! [[#intermed]] Intermediate Editing Topics * [[Uploads]] - Allow authors to upload files, also known as page attachments * [[Tables]] - How to use the original type of table markup * [[Table directives]] - Newer, more advanced type of table markup * [[WikiStyles]] - Modify the color and other CSS style attributes of a page's contents ** [[WikiStyle examples]] - More wikistyle demonstration <:vspace> * [[Page directives]] - Specify page titles, descriptions, etc., and display of various components * [[Include other pages]] - Insert the contents of other pages into a wiki page * [[InterMap]] links - System for defining links among (usually wiki) sites * [[Conditional markup]] - Use the [=(:if:)=] directive to include or exclude portions of a page * [[Page variables]] - Variables that can be used in page markup <:vspace> * [[Markup master index]] - Everything you wanted to know about wiki markup but were afraid to ask * [[Simultaneous edits]] - Handling multiple attempts to edit a page nearly simultaneously <:vspace> !! [[#struct]] Organizing and Protecting Pages * [[Wiki structure]] - Some options for organizing pages on the site * [[Wiki Group]]s - Organizing pages into wiki groups * [[Group Headers]] - Add content to the beginning of all pages in a [[WikiGroup]] * [[WikiTrails]] - Create navigation paths (trails) through pages * [[Page history]] - View/recover previous versions of a page <:vspace> * [[Passwords]] - Password protect pages and groups * [[Categories]] - Organize pages into categories (like "tags" and "labels") * [[Page lists]] - Get lists of pages using [=(:pagelist:)=] and [=(:searchresults:)=] * [[Deleting pages]] - How to remove pages from the site <:vspace> !! [[#admin]] PmWiki Site Administration * [[Installation]] - How to download and install PmWiki * [[Initial setup tasks]] - First steps following a fresh installation * [[Local customizations]] - Customize your installation * [[Skins]] - Change your site's overall look and feel * [[Upgrades]] - Upgrade your site to a newer version of PmWiki <:vspace> * [[Backup and Restore]] - Be prepared for disaster recovery * [[PerGroup customizations | Per-group customizations]] - How to customize a subset of your wiki * [[Passwords admin]]istration - Apply passwords to pages, wiki groups, or the entire site * [[AuthUser]] - Identity-based authorization system (usernames and authorization groups) * [[Uploads admin]]istration - Configure your site for file attachments <:vspace> * [[Internationalizations]] - How to use translation pages and the XLPage() function * [[Wiki Farms]] - Run multiple sites using one copy of [=PmWiki=] * [[Custom InterMap]] - The default InterMap links, and how to create more of them * [[Custom markup]] - Create custom wiki markup as a local customization * [[Custom WikiStyles]] - The predefined WikiStyles and how to define your own <:vspace> * [[Blocklist]] - Avoid wikispam by blocking phrases or IP addresses * [[Notify]] - Send email messages when pages are changed (but see also [[web feeds]]) * [[Web feeds]] - Provide RSS, Atom, and Dublin Core syndication feeds * [[RefCount]] - Find orphaned and missing pages * [[Available actions]] - A list of descriptions for what ?action=XXX does * [[Troubleshooting]] [[#trouble]] - Advice for troubleshooting an installation <:vspace> * [[Url approvals]] - Discourage "link spamming" with ''urlapprove.php'' * [[Variables]] - Variables available for local customization * [[Functions]] - How some functions in pmwiki.php work * [[Page file format]] - Create wiki formatted pages in bulk and for upload to your pmwiki site <:vspace> * [[Changes from PmWiki 1]] - Features of PmWiki 1.0 that have been changed or eliminated * [[Upgrading from PmWiki 1]] - Suggestions for upgrading a PmWiki 1.x installation to PmWiki 2 <:vspace> !! [[#misc]] About PmWiki * [[Audiences]] - Describes the "audiences" for which PmWiki was designed * [[Contributors]] - Some contributors to PmWiki's development and improvement * [[Mailing lists]] - The email discussion lists available and their archives * [[PmWikiPhilosophy]] - Some of the ideas that guide the design and implementation of PmWiki * [[Design notes]] - Some of the features and notes about PmWiki's design decisions <:vspace> * [[(PmWiki:)References]] - Places where PmWiki has been written about * [[Glossary]] - Descriptions of various terms related to PmWiki <:vspace> >>comment<< Note: The following pages are listed here so that they can include a #faq section and have the questions appear on the FAQ page. <:vspace> * [[AccessKeys]] * [[BasicVariables]] * [[EditVariables]] * [[FilePermissions]] * [[FmtPageName]] * [[I18nVariables]] * [[LayoutVariables]] * [[LinkVariables]] * [[OtherVariables]] * [[PagelistVariables]] * [[PathVariables]] * [[Requirements]] * [[Security]] * [[SitePreferences]] * [[SkinTemplates]] * [[SpecialCharacters]] * [[UploadVariables]] * [[WikiAdministrator]] * [[WikiPage]] * [[WikiWikiWeb]] * [[WikiWord]] (:groupfooter:) <:block>