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01 Feb 2007 - Scoobypedia was pleased to help the Enginuity Open Source ECU tuning project redesign their website. Yes, we used a Wiki and tied authentication to the existing phpBB forum. This better shows off the fantastic software and helps the owner share the maintenance of the web site - that is the purpose of the Wiki. Please visit and show your support.

01 Jan 2007 - Scoobypedia is 14 months old having 78000 unique hits! We're up to around 9000 unique visits per month with some 28 people helping maintain the various technical articles. We've added small GoogleAds to the top and bottom of each page - by clicking these relevant items we get around a 30% contribution to our web hosting fees helping support this free resource. The majority of you are linking to our pages from various Subaru sites - most popular are,,,,,, all others listed here.

29 Oct 2006 - is referenced in a recent New York Times article. See it here: Need a Tuneup? Become a Hacker

03 Oct 2006 - Since July we've had more people contribute and maintain articles including the Enginuity and Reflashing FAQ, Oil Labelling, many updates to the ECU Version Compatibility List, Boost Mapping, the start of an Importing Guide, Slant Eye Dash Upgrade to a MY05, Ignition Advance Multiplier Memory Locations. We've had 53,113 Unique Visits to date!'''

02 Jul 2006 - Scoobypedia is nearly one year old! We can not believe how popular this site has been - we are up to 36,700 unigue visitors now - an order of magnitude increase from 6 months ago. The most popular pages are our various ECU technical articles. Our growth is mainly due to a number of you linking to our pages from various Subaru forums/BBS'. I've create a Visitor Referals page to capture the forums and countries your coming from - far and wide! The power of this Wiki-based system is that anyone can create/edit pages. We have a slowly growing group of contributors - currently 15 people. Thanks you all for our continued support.

30 Dec 2005 - Five months have now passed and the web site statistics show that the developing knowledge base is proving very popular. We've had 3,600 unique visits (a visitor is counted only when bringing up more than one page and taking no longer than 30 minutes between individual pages) and your visiting from a number of good Subaru forums including;,,,,,,,, and Thanks for showing an interest in Scoopypedia and we hope you have a happy year year!

27 Nov 2005 - Scoobypedia knowledge base is starting to grow with new technical articles under Drivetrain especially for ECU datalogging, reading ECU codes and ECU flash and dump utilities. It would be great to hear from you on our Suggestions page. Also, you can keep track of site changes by attaching your favourite RSS client to our Scoobypedia RSS feed

14 Aug 2005 - Started adding this site to various search engines. Added page description and keywords to homepage to help improve page search ranking. Manually added site to google and yahoo and used submit express to automatically submit to 20 more search engines.

13 Aug 2005 - Site is up and running with a basic (example) structure. It would be great if we can work with a few people to evolve it further.

08 Aug 2005 - Initial embrionic idea and creation of Scooypedia. There is much to do...

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