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Given the cult status that the car has achieved on a global basis, it is not surprising that a number of owners clubs have sprung up around the world, with owners keen to get together and communicate their experiences of owning a Subaru Impreza. Some of the better known clubs are listed discussed here. If you know of any others, then please add them to the list with contact details.


About the club

The aim of the Club is to create a forum for sharing knowledge of/experiences with Subaru Impreza's, to improve the buying power of individual SIDC members, to ensure that servicing and vehicle maintenance standards continually improve, to encourage the development and manufacture of aftersales products by the establishment of a market, to organise social events for Impreza owners and their families and to encourage the improvement of members' driving abilities. The Club charges an annual family membership fee of 35, and is a non-profit making organisation run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

About club events

Advanced driver training

Many people will tell you that they are not very good at tennis or golf or windsurfing, etc., but not many will admit that they are not very good at driving.

Rally driving courses

Drive-It-All at Church Enstone near Oxford, give SIDC members a 10% discount on their excellent Mintex Challenge Course. The Course is a one day serious tuition day, spent in Group N rally spec Toyota Corrolla's (16v rear wheel drive).

Group attendances are planned and if enough people want it, they can supply Group N Impreza's for us to do the Course in, although this option is more expensive.

WRC Events

We make annual trips to the Network Q Rally of Great Britain and the Catalunya Rally. (The drive down through the Pyrenees is spectacular, as was the countryside in the Catalunya National Park).We have also arranged SWRT trips to Germany, Finland and Cyprus

Track days

The Club organises mant track events across the country ona yearly basis. There is virtually no track in the UK that the SIDC have not organised a track event at. Keep a look-out on the events page at the SIDC website, or check out the info published on the Bulletin Boards

RAC Affiliation

At the 1998 AGM, the Club voted to adopt a form of the RAC Motor Sport Association rules, and to register as an affiliated club, allowing us to organise 12 car rallies and hold track days at some of the more famous circuits. Registration was completed in December 1998.

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held through out the country. Information about meetings and all other events will be notified to members in the quarterly Magazine True Grip, or if there is not enough notice by ad-hoc mailshot. Alternatively, most events are notified on Club's Website at

Contact Details

The SIDC can be contacted either via their Web site (, or by writing to them at the following address enclosing a stamped address envelope:

PO Box 5673


The (Unofficial) Impreza WWW Owners Club is a relaxed forum run by Steve Breen for existing and potential Impreza owners to exchange ideas, problems and queries. It currently has over 700 members from all over the world, with up to 30 - 50 e-mail messages being exchanged every day of the week! It can be a very lively forum, with every topic of Impreza ownership being discussed on a regular basis.

The IWOC members web page can be found at

Obviously, you need to have access to the Internet or at least E-mail to become a member of this fast growing club. Either drop into the web site or send an email to Steve at

Australasian Clubs


ClubWeb site
New South Wales WRX
WRX Club of
Victoria WRX Club (and affiliates)
Impreza WRX Club
Western Australia WRX
Southern Australia WRX

New Zealand

ClubWeb site
Super Subby
Subaru Club of New

Netherlands Subaru Club

See their web site on

German Impreza GT Club

Subaru WRX Club Switzerland

Subaru Impreza Club of Sweden

Belgian Subaru Club

North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club


A large number of other popular Subaru clubs that regularly visit Scoobypedia can be found on this page.

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