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Fitting CD Players

A question on the mailing lists revealed a variety of different positions suitable for mounting the Philips CD player offered by Subaru dealers in the UK. Most fit the unit in one of the recesses at either side of the boot (trunk for our US friends). However, it is possible to fit the unit under the rear parcel shelf (4 door only), and against the rear fold down seats.

Several owners have successfully fitted the unit underneath the front passenger seat, but some dealers refuse to fit here saying they are worried about potential overheating problems (there are heater ducts venting air under the front seats), and stray kicks from rear seat passengers.

Some owners with aftermarket Hi-Fi equipment, have managed to fit smaller CD units inside the (unlockable) glove box, although it is apparently a very tight fit. The only known unit to fit comfortably without excessive modification is the Alpine CHA-S604. Dimensions being (HxWxD) 6 x 25 x 15.3cm.

It is even possible to fit the unit inside the space provided for the spare wheel (space saver for Turbo), although custom mounting brackets will be required, and you should be aware of possible condensation problems.

The best advice for those seeking to position their CD player in a non-standard place is to seek professional help from a qualified car audio specialist. Common sense really.

Fitting speakers


Here's a readers instructions for gaining access to the rear speakers in a 4-door. Apparently it takes about an hour.

  1. Remove back seat, both pieces: 5 bolts
  2. Very carefully, remove side panels: in back seat
  3. Again very carefully, pop loose rear glass plastic window trim, pull out gently, as they just have a plastic pop insert to hold them in place. Ease back both sides - NOT ALL THE WAY - just enough to bend them back.
  4. Now, go into the boot and pop loose the little black plastic clips coming from the back glass shelf, there should be 4 - 2 each side. The shelf assembly should now be loose.
  5. Go back in rear deck area, and carefully bend laminated shelf with speaker covers up in the middle while removing slowly.
  6. Install new speakers and reverse order to refit.


  1. Prise up the electric window switch at the front of the pad. Remove the screw in there, and disconnect the switches by pushing a lug on the back of the switches.
  2. Prise off the triangular piece of plastic by the mirror.
  3. Remove the screw behind the blanking plate below arm rest.
  4. Pop off the door handle surround. Don't need to unscrew the door handle.
  5. Pull off popper at door hinge end of the door.
  6. Pull whole trim outwards gently - it should be completely loose. Gently push it upwards and clear.

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