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The authors of this FAQ (in alphabetical order!) are:

Steve Breenmailto:TBA
Peter Croneymailto:TBA
Adam Curtinmailto:TBA

Please email with additions, corrections or queries relating to the FAQ.

Internet Resources

For links to suppliers pages, see Suppliers.

Subaru official sites
Hong Kong
Other Web sites
The SIDC web site
Scoobypedia - Trusted knowledge base for everything Subaru
Steve's Eta Tauri Site
Impreza 2.5RS Website and Bulletin Board
Adam Curtin's Scooby page
Rally Zone Home Page
Lee Christie's ScoobyMania website
Anders Skarsten's 22B website
The Sube Directory
"Webrings" for Subarus & and search for "subaru" and/or "impreza"
USENET newsgroups
all things
Discussion on WRC and local
UK-specific discussion including rallyinguk.rec.motorsport.misc
Mostly off-roaders but occasional relevant 4x4
Same but with more Land Rovers!
A lot of V8 talk but some WRX
Mailing Lists & Bulletin Boards
Impreza Web Owners Club (mailing list)Owners Clubs
I Chat (less formal Impreza-oriented mailing list)Go to and search for "I-Chat"
Scoobynet Bulletin
Driving Techniques - lots of very useful information on how to drive your Impreza, and improve your driving

Note: if you find any of the above links invalid please contact one of the FAQ authors

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