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For specific information relating to this site setup see notes below:

What's all this Wiki stuff about then?

Please refer to comprehensive Wiki tips for editing, documentation index and the FAQ for general information.

Why can't I edit a page? I hit save and the edit screen keeps coming back.

You have to enter something in the author field - the page displays 'An author name is required' at the top of the page. Use a name that you would like to be used within this site.

How do I upload a file or image?

Simply enter Attach:upload_this_file.gif Δ within your page. After saving the page, when you click the link you will be presented with a form to upload the file.

I've tried to upload a file and nothing happens, what's wrong?

We have set an arbitary file size limit for all uploads to 300KB. You will see a message at the top of the page saying: 'file is larger than allowed maximum of 300000 bytes'.

How is the Scoobypedia site structured?

This is a Wiki and the structure of the site is up to you - the community. From the outset, we have set up a very basic site structure which will evolve over time.

Where can I send suggestions and/or questions I have on this site?

Please record your ideas on our suggestions page or send an email to

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