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Subaru's come in many shapes, sizes and models. Below is a list of the various models, each linking to a more detailed description.

Here's another intersting tidbit on the origin of the Subaru name - 'Subaru is the name of a star cluster in the Taurus constellation'


Subaru 360

See the following site for a whole history of US Subaru's. The picture you see on the right made me smile. Back then the meaning of a Subaru 360 would be a little different than now!


The SIDC forum has a good FAQ which includes details of various 'classic' models. It has not been updated for New Age cars.

SIDC FAQ link on Scoobypedia


The following is from a post on clubwrx forum (

1992.10 : The Impreza WRX appeared. [ Type-A ]

The Impreza WRX is powered by a FJ20 horizonatally opposed 2.0-liter DOHC intercooler-turbocharged 'boxer' engine. As for the 4WD system, it emploied full-time 4WD with center differential+viscous LSD. Also rear LSD is viscous LSD. The WRX Type-RA competition base model designed for entry in motor sport events. With a intercooler water splay and close ratio transmission gear.

Horsepower 240ps/6000rpm torque 31.0kg-m/5000rpm (WRX, WRX-typeRA).

1993. 9 : Impreza WRX wagon. [ Type-B ]

There are some minor changes. The WRX and typeSA were added to Impreza wagon series. AT and 5MT models were available.

Horsepower 220ps/6000rpm torque 28.5kg-m/3500rpm (wagon)

1994. 1 : Impreza WRX STi series

The STi which is handmade by Subaru Tecnica International was available by order. The STi was available only manual transmission. And standard equipment for the STi included forged pistons, light weight HLA, intercooler duct, Fujitubo muffler, intercooler water splay, exclusive ECU, carbon strut tower bar, cherryred-trimmed exclusive seats, and large size rear spoiler.

Horsepower 250ps/6500rpm torque 31.5kg-m/3500rpm (STi,STi-wagon)

1994.10 : Impreza WRX [ Type-C ]

There are some minor changes. Horsepower 260ps/6500rpm torque 31.5kg-m/5000rpm( WRX, WRX-typeRA)

1994.11 : Impreza WRX type-RA STi

WRX typeRA STi was introduced. The DCCD (drivers control center differential) was emploied. And standard equipment included handmade engine producded by STi, exclusive ECU, quick-shift, power steering oil cooler, rear 2way mechanical LSD, carbon strut tower bar, large size rear spoiler, and roof ventilator.

Horsepower 275ps/6500rpm torque 32.5kg-m/4000rpm (STi-typeRA)

1995. 8 : Impreza WRX STi-2

Impreza STi 2 was introduced. Also, the 555 which has limited sport blue color was introduced.

Horsepower 275ps/6500rpm torque 32.5kg-m/4000rpm (STi)
Horsepower 260ps/6500rpm torque 31.5kg-m/5000rpm (STi-wagon)

1996.2 : Limited Edition V-limited.

The WRX typeRA STi 2 V-limited package included Sport-blue body color, original bucket seats, a WRC champion emblem, manual air conditioner, and limited edition number plate. The WRX V-limited package included ABS, green glass, original bucket seats, a WRC champion emblem, gold alloy wheels the same as the STi, and limited edition number plate.

1996. 8 : Impreza WRX & Impreza WRX STi-3 [ Type-D ]

The BOXER-MASTER4 FJ20 engine was improved. The engine used molybdenum coating low-friction pistons, multi-point injection system, IHI RHF5HB turbine, and large size intercooler. And there was a mild facelift for the WRX with new front and rear bumpers, new headlight and taillight design and a new grille. And added the SRS airbag. As for WRX STi type-RA, braking performance was improved by using 16 inches 4-pot caliper at the front and 15 inches 2-pot caliper at the rear.

Horsepower 280ps/6500rpm torque 33.5kg-m/4000rpm (WRX, WRX-typeRA)
Horsepower 240ps/6000rpm torque 31.0kg-m/3000rpm (wagon)
Horsepower 280ps/6500rpm torque 35.0kg-m/4000rpm(STi version)
1997.01 : STi3 V-limited

The WRX WRX STi 3 V-limited package included original bucket seats, a WRC champion emblem, carbon meter panel, and limited edition number plate.

The WRX 2-door type-R STi was introduced. Main feature of the Type-R are STi engine, DCCD, auto airconditioner, power window, and electric door mirrors.

1997. 8 : Impreza WRX & Impreza WRX STi-4 [ Type-E ]

There were some minor changes. WRX series emploied the SURETRAC LSD at the rear. (except RA STi and typeR STi).

Horsepower 250ps/6000rpm torque 31.2kg-m/4000rpm (wagon)
Horsepower 280ps/6500rpm torque 36.0kg-m/4000rpm(STi version)

1998.1 : V-limited

The WRX typeRA STi4 V-limited package included auto air conditioning, power window, powered door locks, electric door mirrors, quick steering gear box, front helical LSD. The WRX typeR V-limited package included STi engine is the same as the type-R STi, ABS, fog lamps, auto airconditioning, power window, center door locks, electric door mirrors. But it does not have a intercooler water splay.

The WRX type-R STi V-limited package is the same as standard type-R STi except the emblems and body color.

1998.3 : Subaru WRX 22B STi

The Subaru WRX 22B STi version is a handmade 2 door coupe based on the Subaru Impreza contested the World Rally Championship. Four hundred of these were for the Japanese domestic market and were sold out within 48 hours. The Impreza WRX 22B STi Version features EJ22 2.2liter turbocharged engine, 4WD system, intercooler water splay, ventilated discs, Bilstein inverted suspension, 17 x 8.5 inches BBS wheels fitted with Pirelli 235/40 P-Zero tyres and a twin plate ceramic/metal clutch. Also It is 80mm wider than an Impreza WRX at both the front and rear.

1998. 9 : Impreza WRX & Impreza WRX STi 5 [Type-F]

The WRX got the improved PHASE 2 engine with brand new intake manifold and cam shaft to realize improved the low-end and mid-range response. And it adopted inverted strut suspension, Sports ABS(STi), and WRcar type rear spoiler(STi sedan).

Horsepower 280ps/6500rpm torque 34.5kg-m/4000rpm (WRX, WRX-typeRA)
Horsepower 240ps/6000rpm torque 31.5kg-m/4000rpm (wagon)

1998.11 : Limited edition was introduced

1999.9 : Impreza WRX & Impreza WRX STi-6 [ Type-G ]

There are some minor changes. It was equipped with clutch start system.

Horsepower 280ps/6500rpm torque 34.5kg-m/4000rpm (WRX, WRX-typeRA)
Horsepower 240ps/6000rpm torque 31.5kg-m/4000rpm (wagon)

1999.11 : Limited edition was introduced.

2000. 4 : Impreza S201 STi version was introduced.

The S201 STi features exclusive ECU, large size intake duct, exclusive muffler, exclusive aero parts, RAYS alloy wheels, front helical LSD, adjustable suspension


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