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FAQ Revision History

The SIDC FAQ has undergone the following major revisions:

1.013th March 1998John Stewart
1.115th March 1998Steve Breen
1.27th April 1998Pete Croney
1.32nd May 1998Adam CurtinHTMLised
1.45th May 1998Steve BreenAdditions
1.57th May 1998John StewartMinor Additions
1.69th May 1998Steve BreenLink Amendments
1.719th May 1998Adam CurtinIncorporated comments from IWOC, SIDC & Prodrive; General tinkering :-)
1.827th May 1998John StewartRevised WRX/STi info. Incorporated additional IWOC/SIDC comments
1.914th June 1998Steve BreenMinor revisions - SE section Evo 2, Outback Sport added, APS, IWOC, Admiral - chip info updated, Import contacts,
1.1026th January 1999Adam CurtinCorrections, links & more IWOC comments, Mirroring/copying conditions, 99 model, diff lock, brakes, ABS. A lot of proof-reading and spell checking, added audio section, removed prices. Other stuff too! Sorry it's taken so long.
1.1112th February 2000John StewartMore corrections. New models (STi 6, P1, MY2000). All new Impreza facts and rumours. New after-market suppliers, both in UK Australia and the US. Sorry for an even longer delay since the last update!
2.030th August 2007ScoobypediaMigrate the original SIDC FAQ to Scoobypedia knowledge base.

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Copyright 1998-2000 Steve Breen, Peter Croney, Adam Curtin, John Stewart, see Copyright page for details

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