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Performance increases can come in many ways and improving the stopping power as well as ultimate engine power is one. The standard brakes are not the Impreza's strongest point and you can get through pads very quickly, with one owner reporting only 7,000 miles! Uprated Mintex pads available from Prodrive via your Subaru dealer and these improve things no end (apart from the brake dust on the wheels, and a tendency to squeal at low speeds :-). Pagid pads come highly recommended, and are available for the standard callipers via Scoobysport.

The Mintex part numbers are MDB1794M1155 ( '97/98 brake spec front), MDB1688M1155 (pre '97 brake spec front) and MDB1497M1155 (rear), and can be ordered from certain brake specialists at a lower cost than Subaru. The four numbers after the second M (i.e. 1155) indicate the compound material used. A variety of different compounds are available (1144, 1155, 1166 etc.), and are suitable for different purposes.

AP Racing now produce a number of very high performance brake upgrade kits for the Subaru Impreza in a variety of sizes. Scoobymania have exclusive rights to an AP kit developed especially for the Impreza.

Scoobysport have exclusive rights to a high performance Brembo upgrade kit. These comprise grooved 310 x 28mm Group A Brembo discs (warranted for track use!) using fully floating alloys bells, huge 4 pot monogrammed aluminium callipers, high performance pads, steel braided hoses and Castrol Response fluid. The kit delivers superb road and track performance and will fit virtually any 16 or 17 inch wheel.

See the supplier section for more information on aftermarket brakes.

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