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As the answer to this depends on many variables, it is difficult to recommend companies, but Admiral are well worth a call but note they do not entertain engine upgrades, even the Subaru approved Prodrive performance pack. Privilege offer special Subaru rates (although it has been reported it is cheaper to go to Privilege direct) and accept the standard Subaru immobiliser as satisfactory plus have all the special editions, Prodrive, and WRX's listed. They also allow a certain amount of modification to the car for an increase in premium and excess. Brokers Greenlight also offer discounts for SIDC members and can provide competitive cover for modified cars and for trackdays.

Trackday cover usually requires you to inform your insurers of the specific event, and generally they require an extra payment (for example 30) and will increase your excess (normally well into the 1000s!). Many owners choose to accept the risk and drive uninsured on the track (which is perfectly legal, of course).

Some companies now offer discounts for on-line (Internet) quotations. For imported and modified cars, specialist brokers are often the best route to reasonable insurance costs. Check out the numbers printed near the back of most motoring magazines, be sure to get at least 5 different quotes and be prepared to haggle, as the first quote given will not be the lowest.

Note: It is essential that modifications are reported to your insurance company. Most policies don't cover trackdays, but that's your risk. If you have modifications which you haven't told your insurers about, then it can leave you with no insurance cover, which is a serious offence. Check when buying a policy whether it covers any modifications which you might be interested in, as some owners have made modifications and then found that their insurers have refused to cover them.

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