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On most other makes of car, the rear silencer is one of the first areas replaced as owners modify their cars. The Subaru Impreza is no exception to this, as it is widely accepted that the standard exhaust system is very restrictive, so as to comply with the various international "new car" noise limits. Replacing the silencer not only improves the look and dramatically improves the sound of the car, but it can also release a bit more power from the engine, between mid range and the rev limiter.

In the UK, Prodrive will only sell you their very nice looking and sounding exhaust system as part of the whole engine upgrade package. However, there are a number of alternatives available.

Probably the most widely used exhaust amongst owners is the system supplied by ScoobySport (see Suppliers section for contact details). This is a very high quality system, which reportedly performs as well as it looks and sounds. Hayward and Scott, who have made Ralliart's exhausts for over six years, manufacture it for them. Fitting is a simple 15 minute job, and can be done by a local "Kwik Fit" or similar.

Other alternatives include some of the Japanese after-market system, such as Blitz and HKS. Again these are very high quality exhaust systems, but some owner have said that they are significantly noisier than the standard exhaust, and can be tiresome on long journeys. For many owners though, this is exactly what they want.

Also available, are exhaust system from BPM and MRT in Australia, both of who have UK outlets. Again both offer very high quality products.

Before purchasing an aftermarket exhaust system, we would encourage owners to view and listen to a similar system fitted to an Impreza, to ensure that the combination of looks , performance and sound are exactly what they are seeking.

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