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The Impreza comes with a central locking system and a factory fitted immobiliser. The central locking is unfortunately only from the drivers side lock and does not operate via the passengers side lock. Also the immobiliser fitted to the 97 and 98 turbos does not meet Thatcham category 2.

During the time the Impreza has been imported it has been fitted with a couple of immobilisers. Prior to July 1996 the cat 2 Cobra 0802T Immobilisers were fitted at the docks by the importers, and allows a Cat 2 to 1 upgrade alarm to be fitted for full protection.

Subaru developed their own immobiliser for fitment after July 1996. Unfortunately this then failed the Thatcham tests as it still allowed the car to be momentarily started before cutting in. The cars are still fitted with Subaru immobilisers and the situation remains the same with an independent system requiring fitting if cat 2 is to be gained. Usually an after-market system is fitted along with remote locking alarm to category 1 and this has the advantage of being able to centrally lock the car from either side of the car!

The Terzo special edition has a Thatcham category 1 remote locking alarm/immobiliser (a Cobra 6422), as does the 99 car (a Sigma).

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