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The original and genuine, Prodrive run the Subaru World Rally Team and prepare many privateer Impreza rally cars, not to mention Ford's BTCC Mondeo's. Their web site is at and now has lots of useful information on the variious performance products available..

High quality, high cost (Prodrive, Subaru UK and your dealer are all in the chain) and sometimes conservative (to allow your manufacturers warranty to be preserved), but then again only these upgrades carry full Subaru approval. See your Subaru main dealer for details and availability (they do not deal direct with the public in the UK, but do have an export department who are happy to supply their full range of products if you live outside the UK.). Your local dealer can also supply official Rally Teamwear.


Based in Australia. Massive range of road and race parts available, and actually run an Impreza rally car themselves. Web:


A range of excellent quality upgrades, inlcuding Hayward & Scott stainless steel silencers, Cibie driving lights, LEDA suspension kits, 4-pot Brembo brake conversions, and WRC-replica carbon fibre rear wings.

Web:; Phone: 01268 590085.

BGT Performance

Well established Impreza Tuning firm in Australia. Offers lots of tuning parts and services. Web:

Graham Goode Racing

Well known Cosworth racing company that now supports Imprezas - including supply of genuine STi parts (and badges & stickers!). Web:; Phone: 0116 244 0080.

Demon Tweeks

Vast Motorsport catalogue with everything from helmets to seats to suspension to tools to cable-ties to carbon-fibre gearknobs ... lots of generic stuff and quite a few of the ranges are carried in Impreza fittings. Web:; Phone 01978 664466 (and get a free catalogue).


Offer a range of ECU remaps for various cars. The Impreza Turbo kit Turbo uses a piggyback board to block the wastegate-opening signal for a while, thus providing higher boost. A considerably cheaper option than the Prodrive engine upgrade, but obviously it's not covered by warranty. Superchips also offer a similar piggy back board for the normally aspirated Sport, which alters the ECU signals to and from the engine to give greater torque and power. Web:; Phone: 01280 816781.

Boost Performance Motorsport

BPM offer a full range of tuning products for the Impreza, but are most famous for their range of exhaust systems, and their stroker conversions which increases engine capacity to 2.2 litres. Website:

Regal Autosport

Offer an Impreza styling parts including rear wings, alloy wheels, stainless steel exhausts, springs and suspension, brake conversions, and replacement ECU's. Web: . Email:; Phone: 02380 791000


One of the UK's leading rally car preparation and tuning specialist who is now branching out into road car modifications. Many items available such as body kits, alloy wheels, suspension parts and engine tuning. Phone: 01869 345626.

DMA Motorsport

Australian company offering a wide range of Impreza tuning products. Web:

APS (Australia)

Offer a tuning package to uprate the power output of the standard (208 bhp) engine to that of the STi models (~276bhp). The reasonably priced kit includes a revised air intake system (K&N based), 3 inch mandrel bent exhaust, UNICHIP 'piggy-back' ECU upgrade, a water spray for the Intercooler and modified air intake plumbing. The kit which increases boost to 17.4 psi (1.2 bar) comes with a 12 month warranty, and can be easily removed returning the car to standard condition at a later stage. Reportedly reduces 0-60 time to under 5 seconds. They have recently started to offer a Higher Output kit, which incorporates a front mounted intercooler and uprated turbo. More information can be found on their website APS

SPD Tuning Service

An American-based Impreza specialist with a full range of suspension, brake etc. upgrades. A reciprocal agreement with Scoobysport means UK customers should contact Scoobysport for information on SPD's products. SPD are also distributors for Prodrive accessories, including wheels and suspension kits

SPD's excellent website at offers not only an online catalogue but many articles on the theory and practice of brake and suspension modifications.


Offer a very wide range of tuning and styling parts for the Impreza at a reasonable price. They are the UK distributor for MRT parts, and offer a number of exclusive products such as 6 pot AP Racing brake kits Web:

BR Developments

BR Developments are a recent company, but who are the acknowledged experts in the UK regarding configuring and mapping the Link ECU system. They also supply a variety of other tuning parts and services. Web:

WRX/STi Parts in the UK

Your local Subaru dealer is very unlikely to have any of the more specialist parts required for your Japanese WRX/STi model, such as brakes, engine/transmission parts etc. A dealer which should be able to help with most enquiries is David Hendry Cars (01666 824369). Graham Goode can also supply the full range of Japanese specification parts. Alternatively, contact some of the import specialists for part ordering information.

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