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Your Subaru's ECU contains a vast amount of information including control software, preset data/configuration a.k.a. 'maps' and RAM. Additional performance can be gained by altering the maps within your ECU (remapping). Gone are days where you need to replace your ECU, simply remap your existing ECU gaining more performance whilst retaining all the advanced safety and refinement of OEM software. This site is more focused on OpenSource/free tools available to the weekend tuner.

These maps may be altered by professional commercial tuning companies or by yourself via commercial or OpenSource tools. The purpose of this article is to assist the enthusiast in identifying the various maps available within your ECU.

If you want to be able to edit your car's ECU you need (2) critical things.

1. Laptop with a USB port.

2. OpenPort? cable. If you don't have one please get one from one of the OBDII Cable Manufacturers

Newage ECU Layout

The Newage Impreza ECU is natively 192K in size and layed out as follows:

0x00000-0x1FFFFFlash - seems to be mainly control software
0x20000-0x27FFFRAM area
0x28000-0x2FFFFFlash - seems to contain most of the maps you might want to tune. Refer to the table below identifying the tunable maps.
0x60000-0x60FFFTPU flash (boot loader)

Table 1 - ECU Map Summary

Newage Tunable Map Identification

This section attempts to identify the various maps which may be altered. The actual locations of the maps as these vary depending on model year. For map locations, refer to, which is a fantastic resource where you can find ECU images and the actual map locations for the various model year Subaru ECUs. You are encouraged to publish your ECU image and any information you find during the reverse engineering / tuning process on

The following table summaries the maps which you may consider for tuning. The notes column may provide generic guidance for locating these maps and or there usage.

Map NameMap TypeNotesConfirmed
Boost Limit2D  
Boost Solenoid CEL Map Thresholds2D  
Boost Targets3DTable: Throttle x RPM1
Wastegate Duty3DTable: Throttle x RPM1
Turbo Dynamics Proportional Burst2D 1
Turbo Dynamics Proportional Continuous2D 1
Wastegate Related 
Wastegate Duty Cycle vs Atmospheric Pressure Compensation?2D  
Wastegate Duty Cycle vs Air Intake Temperature Compensation2D  
Wastegate Duty Cycle vs Speed Compensation2D 1
Sensor Related 
EGT Limit3DTable: Load x RPM1
CAT Threshold 2 Fail Above?2D  
Front O2 Sensor ATM Pressure Compensation?2D  
Front O2 Sensor Scaling?2D  
Disable Subaru Fault Codes1D 1
Low Det Fuel Map3DTable: Load x RPM1
Fuel Map Knock Switch Threshold?1D  
High Det Fuel Map?3DTable: Load x RPM1
Tip-In Enrichment %1D 1
Ignition Timing 
Main Ignition Map3DTable: Load x RPM1
Ignition Correction Map3DTable: Load x RPM1
Coarse Ignition Range RPM1D 1
Coarse Ignition Range Load1D 1
Main Ignition Map Idle??3DTable: Load x RPM 
Ignition Correction Map Idle??3DTable: Load x RPM 
Fine Ignition Learning RPM Range?1D  
Ignition Intake Temp Compensation?2D  
Injector Opening Time Compensation2D  
Injector Flow Scaling1D0x192A = 420 CC1
MAF Calibration (Grams/Sec)2D 1
MAF Sensor Flow Limit CEL?1D  
Closed/Open Loop Related 
Speed Limit Controllers 
Boost Based Speed Limiting1D  
Speed Limiting Auto_On/Man_On/Auto_Off/Man_Off1D 1
Knock Related Timing 
Knock Learning Load Threshold1D 1
Knock Learning RPM Threshold1D 1
Knock Detection RPM Range1D 1
Knock Detection Minimim Load1D 1

Table 2 - Map Identification

Click here for maps that may be available soon!! myDesk.jpg

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