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Tip-In Enrichment basically adds more fuel at the onsett of the throttle plate opening quickly. When you stab the gas pedal quickly you create a sudden change of air velocity through the engine which isn't read as accurately as it should be by the ECU. So the ECU just fudges it and adds some extra fuel because it knows the car is going to lean otherwise. The stock values range from 17 enrichment at 0% change in throttle to 151 enrichment at 26% change in throttle.

Once I put the bigger 800cc injectors in I needed more Tip-In Enrichment. So i scaled the 26% Change in Throttle? to 200 instead of 151 to help with the hesitation. However I don't know how to adjust the value for % change of throttle. Because sometimes my % Change in Throttle? is 50-70% and i need even more fuel then what the 26% column enriches. If you know the memory address and the formula to get the % Change in Throttle? please add that to this page.

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USDM 2002 & 2003 WRX

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USDM 2004 WRX A4TF300F

(:source lang=xml :) <map name="THROTTLE DELTA FUEL COMP (DELTA)" type="1" active="1">

    <data count="18" func_2val="[value]" func_val2="[value]" offset="#29107" power="1" 

format="%6.2f" caption="" desc="" color_dir="1" inc="1" incb="5" inc_dir="1"/> </map> (:sourcend:)


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