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(:groupheader:)This controls the Wastegate Duty Cycle AFTER the turbo has spooled to it's target boost pressure. This map allows you to increase or decrease the wastegate duty cycles depending on how far off the current boost pressure is relative to the target boost pressure at the given RPM and Throtle % <:vspace> !Tuning tips <:vspace> Adjust the ends of the data columns farther from zero if you're turbo doesn't have a good response. Similiarly, adjust the ends towards zero if you're getting a lot of boost waivering upto like 1psi above or below the target boost. <:vspace> !!EcuEdit XML Definitions - Back to [[ECU Map Identification]] <:vspace> !USDM 2002 & 2003 WRX <:vspace> insert your <map/> here <:vspace> !USDM 2004 WRX A4TF300F <:vspace> (:source lang=xml :) <map name="Turbo Dynamics - Proportional Continuous" type="2" active="1"> <rows count="9" func_2val="(([byte0]*256 + [byte1]/256)-32768)/52.4" func_val2="" offset="#2A78F" power="2" format="%.2f" caption="Boost Pressure Error (PSI)" desc="Boost Pressure Error (PSI)"/> <data func_2val="([byte0]*256 + [byte1]/256)/256 - 50" func_val2="[value]" offset="#2A7A3" power="2" format="%.2f" caption="Wastegate Duty Cycle Adjustment %" desc="Wastegate Duty Cycle Adjustment %" color_dir="0" inc="1" incb="5" inc_dir="1"/> </map> (:sourcend:) <:vspace> !USDM 2004 WRX STi <:vspace> insert your <map/> here <:vspace> !USDM 2005 WRX STi <:vspace> insert your <map/> here(:groupfooter:) <:block>