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(:groupheader:)The stock ECU is capable of controlling very high flowing injectors. I have 800cc injectors in my car right now. It calculates it's fueling based on an injector scalar value. For a Stock WRX it is 6442. But the way this # is embedded into the ECU is a little weird. I guess engineers STILL go to great lengths to save space in their programs. There's something about the way a 2 byte hexadecimal is coverted into decimal form. There are reverse type ones etc..... <:vspace> !!EcuEdit XML Definitions - Back to [[ECU Map Identification]] <:vspace> !USDM 2002 & 2003 WRX <:vspace> insert your <map/> here <:vspace> !USDM 2004 WRX A4TF300F <:vspace> (:source lang=xml :) <map name="Fuel Injector Size" type="1" active="1"> <data count="1" func_2val="[byte1]/256+ [byte0]*256" func_val2="[value]" offset="#286BB" power="2" format="%.0f" caption="1/(cc/min)" desc="The bigger the injector, the smaller this value will be." color_dir="1" inc="20" incb="100" inc_dir="0"/> </map> (:sourcend:) <:vspace> !USDM 2004 WRX STi <:vspace> insert your <map/> here <:vspace> !USDM 2005 WRX STi <:vspace> insert your <map/> here(:groupfooter:) <:block>