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(:groupheader:)(:title Subaru LPG Conversion - Introduction:) <:vspace> This article covers the DIY installation of a BiGas SGIS N LPG system to a MY98 Impreza WRX. It is a retrospective look at the entire project throughout the various stages of the conversion. <:vspace> Another owner (me) is planning to do the same to his modded Newage MY03 WRX. Have a look through the following trail and then seriously consider LPG as a fuel for your Scooby! <:vspace> '''Please note:''' This site is not intended as an instructional guide on how to convert your own car and Scoobypedia, nor the original author, can be held accountable for any harm to persons or property if anyone replicates the conversion shown here. <:vspace> LPG Conversion Trail: <:vspace> * [[LpgConversionResearch | Part 1 - Research]] * [[LpgConversionKit | Part 2 - LPG Kit]] * [[LpgConversionInstallation | Part 3 - Installation]] * [[LpgConversionSetup | Part 4 - Setup]] * [[LpgConversionLinks | Related Links]] <:vspace> !! Quick Look Ahead At Some Pictures <:vspace> <:block>67B8B* [[Attach:Knowledge.LpgConversion/ScoobyLPG-TankPic.jpg | ScoobyLPG-TankPic.jpg1]] * [[Attach:Knowledge.LpgConversion/ScoobyLPG-TankFinished2.jpg | ScoobyLPG-TankFinished2.jpg2]] * [[Attach:Knowledge.LpgConversion/ScoobyLPG-PlateHinges1.jpg | ScoobyLPG-PlateHinges1.jpg3]] * [[Attach:Knowledge.LpgConversion/ScoobyLPG-Changeover2.jpg | ScoobyLPG-Changeover2.jpg4]] * [[Attach:Knowledge.LpgConversion/ScoobyLPG-UnderBonnetLPG1.jpg | ScoobyLPG-UnderBonnetLPG1.jpg5]] <:vspace> <:vspace> %right%''[-Information Source - ScoobyLPG website, republished with permission, [[http://www.scoobylpg.co.uk | scoobylpg.co.uk]]-]''(:groupfooter:) <:block>