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(:groupheader:)!! Introduction %rfloat%Attach:airbox_resonator_inner_wing.gif | '''Resonator in inner wing''' Resonator removal is an intake modification to reduce restriction and increase turbo and bypass valve loudness. Intake resonators are common on production cars and are used to muffle the sound of the intake side of the engine. <:vspace> On most Subarus, the resonator is a plastic airbox located in the passnger side fenderwell between the intake snorkus and airfilter box. Intake air travels through the intake snorkus, into the fenderwell. The resonator muffles the airflow noise. The air then travels into the intake airfilter box, then through the Mass Airflow sensor (MAF), then the turbo. <:vspace> !! Removal steps <:vspace> # Jack up passender side front of car 2-3 inches for additional clearance # Remove front passenger inner fenderwell cover. Resonator is now visible. # Remove two mounting nuts from resonator box. # Drop the resonator out the bottom. <:vspace> GP Moto makes a piece that replaces the resonator with a simple elbow, if desired.(:groupfooter:) <:block>