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(:groupheader:)!! Detonation Overview <:vspace> If you are tuning your car yourself or simply checking for faults you may already know that Detonation - Det - is bad for your car. Det is basically pre-ignition in the piston causing Knock. Most modern engines, including all Subaru's have knock detection systems which typically consist of a piezo microphone bolted to the block which acts as a feedback circuit into the ECU. If the ECU detects Knock it will reduce your Ignition Advance Multiplier (IAM) which may then switch you to your high det map - a.k.a. limp home mode. <:vspace> !! DIY Det Cans <:vspace> The following simple procedure explains how you can make your own Det Cans allowing to hear exactly what your engine is doing. <:vspace> * Start by getting some ear defenders. The author chose some Peltor Optime II for 9.95 but any will do the job really. <:vspace> Attach:peltor-optime-2-hs20a.gif | ''Ear Defenders'' <:vspace> * Get some hard walled hose. The author chose some breather hose mainly because it is cheap to buy. 3 meters is a good length to allow a run from the top of the engine to the driver's or passenger seat. <:vspace> * Get a bit of copper piping. This needs to be flattened at one end so as to attach it to a handy bolt on the engine near the factory knock sensor. <:vspace> Attach:detcans3.jpg | ''Copper Piping'' <:vspace> * Drill a 16mm hole in the bottom of the ear piece so that the piping can be fed into them. Insert piping and attach at the other end to a piece of flattened copper pipe. The pipe chosen above was flexible so you can change the positioning of it if needed. <:vspace> Attach:detcans1.jpg | ''Pipe Inserted into Ear Defenders'' <:vspace> * Hey presto - You can now hear exactly what the engine is doing. <:vspace> Attach:detcans2.jpg | ''DIY Det Cans - The Finished Article'' <:vspace> %right%'-Information source - RomRaider forum thread [[http://www.romraider.com/forum/topic2598.html | Make your own Det Cans]]-'(:groupfooter:) <:block>