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  1. Remove intercooler.. 3x12mm bolts, then the jubilees on throttle body and turbo.. pull towards passenger side with a wriggle.. not you the intercooler lol.. to get off turbo.. careful if you lever the pipe as it is sometimes brittle.
  2. need a 14mm preferably ratchet spanner and same in 10mm, and same size sockets.
  3. Remove the heat shield over the turbo.. from memory.. 10mm bolts - 5 if I remember correctly. Two on passenger side, one on the rear and then two right down the bottom on drivers side..might be others only removed mine the once before it was cut for downpipe.. some might sheer if they have never been removed.
  4. Then you have the 14mm ones to remove.. two bolts in the top (need second 14mm spanner etc) then nuts to come off studs... outside edge ones you can get to with spanner from top, but I find the middle one is easier with socket and extension from underneath.. jack and axle stands need to get under.
  5. The key is a good quality spanner, Halfords professional are actually very good.
  6. You then just have the two bolts to the centre section and one support bracket where the downpipe runs back under the car and the bracket is attached to the gearbox.
  7. iirc you said your cat on fire sensor is already disconnected so no hassle there and no lambda to refit in downpipe.. fit bung before you fit downpipe for convenience.
  8. I attach downpipe to turbo first to make sure it is done up flush and then do the support bracket which mine not longer lines up for.. probably when I dropped the gearbox when I had that out lol.. then attached to centre section obviously.
  9. To get the intercooler on easier heat the turbo end of the pipe with hot water.. dip it in a mug full of boiling water.. it should then slide on without too much effort if you are quick.. this is assuming you still have the black plastic pipe.. if changed to samco then it should just push on.. put the jubilee further up the intercooler pipe and tighten it slightly before hand then you can undo it and move it down once on the turbo.. then do the throttle body connection..
  10. You will need to cut the heat shield as the new downpipe will be fatter..
  11. You might want to get a new gasket to save doing it again when it leaks.. although mine has been on and off a few times on the same gasket.

Information source - ScoobyNet, author - jolly green monster

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