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(:groupheader:)!! Introduction <:vspace> %rfloat width=500px%Attach:ecuExplorer_main_GUI.gif | '''EcuExplorer''' If you are a weekend tuner (read: like to tinker) with a few mild modifications you may be interested in monitoring (and logging) what your engine and ECU are doing. Perhaps you want to check and graph what boost, knock correction, and/or air flow ratio you're running. This article describes monitoring your ECU and attempts to collate various technical details on interpreting gathered data. <:vspace> !! What do I need? <:vspace> You need an OpenPort cable and data logging software. This article discusses EcuExplorer. [[Connecting to your ECU]] is discussed in the referenced article and it is assumed you have followed the procedure for 'Data Logging'. <:vspace> !! Data Logging/Monitoring <:vspace> After connecting your OpenPort cable, invoke EcuExplorer. The GUI will look similar to the illustration above. <:vspace> After switching on your ignition you should see an item for your ECU/car in the main tree view (top left). If you don't, you'll need to double-click one of the COM port in the list (bottom ledt section of window). <:vspace> To enable logging right click in either of the panes on the right side of the window. Select 'Trigger logging on defrost switch'. Or just hit control-d. If you'd like, also select the "Automatically add new files to saved log list". <:vspace> This article describes the [[DataLogParameters | common items to data log]]. <:vspace> You may notice that your data logging software does not log [[Acronyms/IAM]] and Load. This is because these tools must be configured with the (hex) addresses of these paramters as it varies from car to car. Refer to the [[IamAndLoadMemoryLocations | IAM & Load Memory Locations]] article for known addresses. <:vspace> For more details on using EcuExplorer refer to the comprehensive user guide that comes with the product. <:vspace> !! What should I be watching out for? (section incomplete) <:vspace> Below are a few notes as I collate the information. I'll write it up better once I have enought to go with. <:vspace> * Knock correction - negative is bad. Mine seems to go from zero and max out at +9 on full load in 3rd gear. * Oil temperature - cold is bad. Oil should be at 80 degrees celsius or more. <:vspace> !! Related Articles <:vspace> * [[Reading ECU Codes]] (including fault codes) * [[DataLogParameters | common items to data log]] * [[IamAndLoadMemoryLocations | IAM & Load Memory Locations]] * [[ECU FAQ]] * [[ECU Reset]] * [[ECU Fast Learning Trick]] * [[Connecting to your ECU]] * [[Reading and reflashing ECUs]] * [[Altering your ECU ROM image]] (:groupfooter:) <:block>