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If you are a weekend tuner (read: like to tinker) with a few mild modifications you may be interested in monitoring (and logging) what your engine and ECU are doing. Perhaps you want to check and graph what boost, knock correction, and/or air flow ratio you're running. This article describes monitoring your ECU and attempts to collate various technical details on interpreting gathered data.

What do I need?

You need an OpenPort cable and data logging software. This article discusses EcuExplorer. Connecting to your ECU is discussed in the referenced article and it is assumed you have followed the procedure for 'Data Logging'.

Data Logging/Monitoring

After connecting your OpenPort cable, invoke EcuExplorer. The GUI will look similar to the illustration above.

After switching on your ignition you should see an item for your ECU/car in the main tree view (top left). If you don't, you'll need to double-click one of the COM port in the list (bottom ledt section of window).

To enable logging right click in either of the panes on the right side of the window. Select 'Trigger logging on defrost switch'. Or just hit control-d. If you'd like, also select the "Automatically add new files to saved log list".

This article describes the common items to data log.

You may notice that your data logging software does not log IAM and Load. This is because these tools must be configured with the (hex) addresses of these paramters as it varies from car to car. Refer to the IAM & Load Memory Locations article for known addresses.

For more details on using EcuExplorer refer to the comprehensive user guide that comes with the product.

What should I be watching out for? (section incomplete)

Below are a few notes as I collate the information. I'll write it up better once I have enought to go with.

  • Knock correction - negative is bad. Mine seems to go from zero and max out at +9 on full load in 3rd gear.
  • Oil temperature - cold is bad. Oil should be at 80 degrees celsius or more.

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