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What can I do with my ECU using the software referenced on Scoobypedia?

A number of free software tools are referenced from this site allowing you perform the following:

  • realtime monitoring and logging
  • reading/saving your ECU image to disk
  • graphically viewing and altering your ECU maps
  • rewritting/flashing your ECU

I want to experiment with these ECU tools, what do I need?

All of the ECU tools require a cable connecting your computer to the diagnostics (OBDII) port on your vehicle. Reading/Flashing the ECU requires a Tactrix (OpenPort) cable available HERE. Following that you'll need one or more of the following tools depending on your requirements:

  • EcuFlash [Colby Boles /] - free Subaru and Mitsubishi ROM flashing and editing software
  • RomRaider [Jared Gould /] - open source Subaru ROM editor and logger (formerly Enginuity)
  • EcuExplorer [Calvin Cestari /] - open source Subaru logger and code reader
  • EcuEdit [epifan / epifan software] - shareware Subaru and Mitsubishi ROM editor and logger
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