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(:groupheader:)When tuning, these are the most popular and useful things to use when logging. If you are sharing logs with others (for advice), please make sure that the items below are included. <:vspace> !! Subaru [[Acronyms/DBW]]/Non-[[Acronyms/DBW]] Parameters <:vspace> *Advance Multiplier *Air Flow Sensor Voltage *Engine Load *Engine Speed *Ignition Timing *Intake Air Temperature *Intake VVT Advance Angle (STi and other models only) *Knock Correction *Manifold Relative Pressure (corrected) *Mass Air Flow *Primary Wastegate Duty Cycle *Throttle Opening Angle *Vehicle Speed MPH *Ext LM1_O2 (Any wideband IF available!) <:vspace> %right%'-Open Source ROMs forum, [[http://www.plasmatize.com/osecuroms/viewtopic.php?t=323&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight= | what should I log thread]], author - ev8siv3-' <:vspace> You may notice that your data logging software does not log [[Acronyms/IAM]] and Load. This is because these tools must be configured with the (hex) addresses of these paramters as it varies from car to car. Refer to the [[IamAndLoadMemoryLocations | IAM & Load Memory Locations]] article for known addresses. <:vspace> !! Related Articles <:vspace> * [[ECU Diagnostics and Data Logging]] * [[IamAndLoadMemoryLocations | IAM & Load Memory Locations]] (:groupfooter:) <:block>