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There are a number of good commercial and 'free' software tools available. Please feel free to list the tools you are using. Please note that this page should not be used as a free marketing advert for commercial software providers however I'm happy they are listed here and described responsibly with an appropriate link back to the supplier.

Quick Reference Comparison

The following table attempts to compare various software features. Please add to the list of features as required.

SoftwareProtocol 1MonitorLogGraphReset ECUFlash 2Alarm(s)
ecuExplorerOYY (csv)-YR/W-
RomRaiderSEYY (csv)y (map)-E-
1 Protocol: (O)BDII, (S)ubaru Select Monitor, (SE) Subaru Select Monitor Extended
2 Flash: ECU flash image (R)ead, (W)rite, (E)dit
3 Indicates commercial software

ecuExplorer (Free)

ecuExplorer which, at the time of writing, is distributed free by TARI Racing. This software is described in more detail in the ECU diagnostics and data logging technical article. Example screen shot below.

ecuExplorer Realtime Diagnostics and Data Logging

RomRaider (Free)

RomRaider allows you to edit your maps which have been previously downloaded from your ECU (using another tool).

RomRaider display and editing of ECU maps

Subaru Select Monitor (SSM) on PDA (Commercial)

Subaru Select Monitor on PDA, see example screen shot below. Software is available in English, German and French.

Subaru Select Monitor on PDA
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