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(:groupheader:)!! Introduction <:vspace> There are a number of good commercial and 'free' software tools available. Please feel free to list the tools you are using. Please note that this page should '''not''' be used as a free marketing advert for commercial software providers however I'm happy they are listed here and described ''responsibly'' with an appropriate link back to the supplier. <:vspace> * [[#Quick Reference | OBDII software quick comparison]] * [[#Free | Free or Open Source Software Tools]] * [[#Commercial | Commercial Software Tools]] <:vspace> [[#QuickReference]] !! Quick Reference Comparison <:vspace> The following table attempts to compare various software features. Please add to the list of features as required. <:vspace> ||border=1 width=95% ||'''Software''' ||'''Protocol''' '^1^' ||'''Monitor''' ||'''Log''' ||'''Graph''' ||'''Reset ECU''' ||'''Flash''' '^2^' ||'''Alarm(s)''' ||[[#ecuExplorer | ecuExplorer]] ||O ||Y ||Y (csv) ||- ||Y ||R/W ||- || ||[[#RomRaider | RomRaider]] ||SE ||Y ||Y (csv) ||y (map) ||- ||E ||- || ||[[#SSMPDA | SSM PDA]] '^3^' ||S ||Y ||Y ||Y ||Y ||- ||Y || |||||||||||||||| ||'^1^' Protocol: ('''O''')BDII, ('''S''')ubaru Select Monitor, ('''SE''') Subaru Select Monitor Extended |||||||||||||| ||'^2^' Flash: ECU flash image ('''R''')ead, ('''W''')rite, ('''E''')dit|||||||||||||| ||'^3^' Indicates commercial software |||||||||||||| <:vspace> [[#Free]] [[#ecuExplorer]] !! ecuExplorer (Free) <:vspace> [[http://code.google.com/p/ecuexplorer | ecuExplorer]] which, at the time of writing, is distributed free by TARI Racing. This software is described in more detail in the [[ECU diagnostics and data logging]] technical article. Example screen shot below. <:vspace> %center%Attach:ecuExplorer_main_GUI.gif | '''ecuExplorer Realtime Diagnostics and Data Logging''' <:vspace> [[#RomRaider]] !! RomRaider (Free) <:vspace> [[http://www.RomRaider | RomRaider]] allows you to edit your maps which have been previously downloaded from your ECU (using another tool). <:vspace> %center%Attach:Enginuity_main_GUI.gif | '''RomRaider display and editing of ECU maps''' <:vspace> [[#Commercial]] [[#SSMPDA]] !! Subaru Select Monitor (SSM) on PDA (Commercial) <:vspace> [[http://wpsm.free.fr | Subaru Select Monitor on PDA]], see example screen shot below. Software is available in English, German and French. <:vspace> %center%Attach:subaru_select_monitor_PDA.gif | '''Subaru Select Monitor on PDA''' (:groupfooter:) <:block>