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Part 4 - LPG Conversion Setup

After I had everything fitted it was time for the setup via the laptop and gas ECU.

Filling The Tank

The first part of the setup involved filling the tank with around 10 litres of LPG. This in itself is a relatively easy process although there are some points to consider. I had made sure that all the unions and pipe work fixings were tight and that everything was double checked by another person, my dad. If there are any leaks then any escaping gas will fall to the lowest point, be that ground or inside the car and there is no way of emptying the tank of gas without running it through the engine!. The vent tubes should stop the gas from entering the cabin though.

Ok, so now off I went to the petrol station to fill up with LPG. I had downloaded some info that showed how to use the two types of guns that are in operation in the UK. Even with this info I couldn't get the gun to lock onto the filler. The very helpful guy in petrol station came out and showed my how to attach the gun and we filled up with 10 litres of LPG. After a few goes at this is becomes second nature.

After filling we immediately did a check with soapy water to see if we had any leaks. As no leaks were evident we went back to the garage at home and started the setup of the ECU.

ECU Setup

When you receive the kit from TinleyTech it includes the lead that plugs into the ECU and a CD containing the software. This is all that is required for the setup of the system.

With the engine running and the lead connected to both the ECU and laptop the software can be started.

The first page that loads is shown below. It has various options that are used for either setting or diagnostics.

ScoobyLPG-Menu.jpg: 640x480, 204k (August 28, 2009, at 10:15 PM)

Opening the Vehicle Configuration option loads the following screen where the setup begins.

ScoobyLPG-ChangeOver.jpg: 640x480, 240k (March 29, 2014, at 09:41 PM)

Information Source - ScoobyLPG website, republished with permission,

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