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If your interested in upgrading your MY03 dash to a MY05 then it looks like it is possible. The information in this article is from the my03-my05 dash thread on ScoobyNet. In summary this is an expensive, but worthwhile modification.

Update: Additional information is available from the 05 Center console in a 04 COMPLETED WITH PICS & WRITE UP on the IWSTI forum.

Dash upgrade

The actual dash moulding on the 'Blob eye' is the same as the 'Slant eye'. You will need the complete centre console assembly including the gear surround; side panels etc.; the centre dash fascia with heater controls and switches; the centre panel which the fascia clips into; the centre vents; one metal bracket which secures the centre panels is different, as are the stereo side brackets; relocation of mirror switch. The heater control panel wiring harness is the same.

Detailed parts list

Please find below a detailed list of parts required. Note that not all part numbers are listed as some were sourced from a breakers. All these parts are listed at the end of the following table.

Part NumberDescriptionNotes
1 x 92112FE000OECentre box assemblyThis is the armrest and lower centre console
1 x 66203FE200Reinf. Lower ComplThis is a metal bracket, replacing the current one, where the glovebox and centre inpane screw into
1 x 66086FE000OECentre InpaneThis is the panel where the stereo and heater control panel fit into.
1 x 92136FE000OECover R RHDThe part with the two cup holders, clips into Centre box assembly
1 x 66063FE010OE
1 x 66063FE000OEThese are the front side panels of the console, fit into front of Centre box assembly
1 x 92123FE300Boot HandbrakeHandbrake lever gaitor surround, clips into tthe bit with the 2 cup holders
10 x 904500025Self tapping screws
2 x 909140024Clips
6 x 66063FE010OEClips for dashboard

The following the author got from the breakers:

  • Heater controls/Switches - original wiring loom plugs straight in.
  • Centre heater vents - These clip straight into original dash. Your original black hazard switch can be re-used.
  • Radio surround panel (Have a spare one of these too)
  • Gear lever gaitor and surround, with STi metal trim.
  • The radio mounting metal side brackets are different. The original can be modded to fit, but I changed mine. I don't have the part numbers for these though.


It will cost the best part of 500 !!

Pictures of Installation

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