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(:groupheader:)!! Introduction <:vspace> If your interested in upgrading your MY03 dash to a MY05 then it looks like it is possible. The information in this article is from the [[http://bbs.scoobynet.co.uk/showthread.php?t=492792 | my03-my05 dash thread]] on ScoobyNet. In summary this is an expensive, but worthwhile modification. <:vspace> ''Update:'' Additional information is available from the [[http://www.iwsti.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41293 | 05 Center console in a 04 COMPLETED WITH PICS & WRITE UP]] on the IWSTI forum. <:vspace> * [[#DashUpgrade | Dash upgrade]] * [[#PartsList | Parts list]] * [[#Cost | Cost]] * [[#Pictures | Pictures of installation]] <:vspace> !! [[#DashUpgrade]]Dash upgrade <:vspace> The actual dash moulding on the 'Blob eye' is the same as the 'Slant eye'. You will need the complete centre console assembly including the gear surround; side panels etc.; the centre dash fascia with heater controls and switches; the centre panel which the fascia clips into; the centre vents; one metal bracket which secures the centre panels is different, as are the stereo side brackets; relocation of mirror switch. The heater control panel wiring harness is the same. <:vspace> !! [[#PartsList]]Detailed parts list <:vspace> Please find below a detailed list of parts required. Note that not all part numbers are listed as some were sourced from a breakers. All these parts are listed at the end of the following table. <:vspace> ||border=1 width=90% ||!Part Number ||!Description ||!Notes || ||1 x 92112FE000OE ||Centre box assembly ||This is the armrest and lower centre console || ||1 x 66203FE200 ||Reinf. Lower Compl ||This is a metal bracket, replacing the current one, where the glovebox and centre inpane screw into || ||1 x 66086FE000OE ||Centre Inpane ||This is the panel where the stereo and heater control panel fit into. || ||1 x 92136FE000OE ||Cover R RHD ||The part with the two cup holders, clips into Centre box assembly || ||1 x 66063FE010OE |||||| ||1 x 66063FE000OE ||These are the front side panels of the console, fit into front of Centre box assembly |||| ||1 x 92123FE300 ||Boot Handbrake ||Handbrake lever gaitor surround, clips into tthe bit with the 2 cup holders || ||10 x 904500025 ||Self tapping screws |||| ||2 x 909140024 ||Clips |||| ||6 x 66063FE010OE ||Clips for dashboard |||| <:vspace> The following the author got from the breakers: * Heater controls/Switches - original wiring loom plugs straight in. * Centre heater vents - These clip straight into original dash. Your original black hazard switch can be re-used. * Radio surround panel (Have a spare one of these too) * Gear lever gaitor and surround, with STi metal trim. * The radio mounting metal side brackets are different. The original can be modded to fit, but I changed mine. I don't have the part numbers for these though. <:vspace> !! [[#Cost]]Cost <:vspace> It '''will''' cost the best part of '''500''' !! <:vspace> !! [[#Pictures]]Pictures of Installation(:groupfooter:) <:block>