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(:groupheader:)!! Introduction <:vspace> Love them or hate them, the Classic's only got better over the years. If you have an original Classic and wished you had a later model, why not give your's a facelift. Michael Jenkins did from the SIDC and for those ready to be inspired see the pictures below and the shopping list. <:vspace> !! Installation <:vspace> The project car here is a well looked after Model Year 1994 Impreza Turbo shown below: <:vspace> <:block>34B5B* [[Attach:Projects.My94Facelift/MY94-Facelift-Original-2.jpg | MY94-Facelift-Original-2.jpg1]] * [[Attach:Projects.My94Facelift/MY94-Facelift-Original-1.jpg | MY94-Facelift-Original-1.jpg2]] <:vspace> A few quick shots of the works in progress can be seen below. <:vspace> <:block>6B7B* [[Attach:Projects.My94Facelift/MY94-Facelift-In-Progress-2.jpg | MY94-Facelift-In-Progress-2.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.My94Facelift/MY94-Facelift-In-Progress-3.jpg | MY94-Facelift-In-Progress-3.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.My94Facelift/MY94-Facelift-In-Progress-4.jpg | MY94-Facelift-In-Progress-4.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.My94Facelift/MY94-Facelift-In-Progress-5.jpg | MY94-Facelift-In-Progress-5.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.My94Facelift/MY94-Facelift-In-Progress-1.jpg | MY94-Facelift-In-Progress-1.jpg]] <:vspace> !! The Finished Article <:vspace> Let's cut to chase, this is what as little as 1,500 could do to your original Classic Impreza: <:vspace> <:block>8B9B* [[Attach:Projects.My94Facelift/MY94-Facelift-Complete-1.jpg | MY94-Facelift-Complete-1.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.My94Facelift/MY94-Facelift-Complete-2.jpg | MY94-Facelift-Complete-2.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.My94Facelift/MY94-Facelift-Complete-3.jpg | MY94-Facelift-Complete-3.jpg]] <:vspace> !! Shopping List <:vspace> A list of the parts required, cost and where the owner sourced the bits from are shown below: <:vspace> *Face Lift Bonnet - 115 (Awesome Imports via eBay) *STi8 Scoops & Mini Vents - 178 (HT Autos) *Face Lift Front Bumper - 129.30 (Simpsons Subaru, Swindon) *Front Bumper Grilles (Left) - 19.20 (Simpsons Subaru, Swindon) *Front Bumper Grilles (Right) - 18.85 (Simpsons Subaru, Swindon) *P1 Polyurethane Splitter - 115 (HT Autos) *Fog Light Covers - 47 (HT Autos) *Face Lift Crystal Headlights (Pair) - 99.99 (scoobyparts.co.uk) *Crystal Sidelights - 32.95 (scoobyparts.co.uk) *Facelift Grille - 60.00 (scoobyparts.co.uk) *Front Blue Subaru Badge - 10 (scoobyparts.co.uk) *Clear Front Indicators - 25 (eBay user) *Preparation & spraying of bonnet, bumper, splitter, grille, scoops, handles and side/rear skirts to match existing paintwork of car - 599.96 <:vspace> '''Total = 1,510.15''' (All prices include VAT & delivery) <:vspace> %right%''[-Information Source - SIDC forum thread, [[http://forums.sidc.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=122461 | 1994 Impreza Facelift - Done]]-]''(:groupfooter:) <:block>