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(:groupheader:)!! Introduction <:vspace> This is a 'marmite' project - you'll either love it or hate it. For those that want to illuminate the Subaru logo badge on your front grill then read on. <:vspace> !! Installation <:vspace> 1. Cut front of grille out where the badge would normally sit, leaving the little sunk ridge all the way round: <:vspace> <:block>12B3B* [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-1.jpg | GlowingBadge-1.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-2.jpg | GlowingBadge-2.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-3.jpg | GlowingBadge-3.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-4.jpg | GlowingBadge-4.jpg]] <:vspace> 2. Cut out the back of an old DVD or CD case (7cm x 10cm) mount LED bank and glue to back of grille <:vspace> <:block>4B5B* [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-5.jpg | GlowingBadge-5.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-6.jpg | GlowingBadge-6.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-7.jpg | GlowingBadge-7.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-8.jpg | GlowingBadge-8.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-9.jpg | GlowingBadge-9.jpg]] <:vspace> 3. Take old badge (or buy a new shiny one :P) remove black from the back of the badge using nail varnish remover, leaving it see through with the silver stars. Spray a thin coat of white enamel gloss and glue to front of grille: <:vspace> <:block>6B7B* [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-10.jpg | GlowingBadge-10.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-11.jpg | GlowingBadge-11.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-12.jpg | GlowingBadge-12.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-13.jpg | GlowingBadge-13.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-14.jpg | GlowingBadge-14.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-15.jpg | GlowingBadge-15.jpg]] <:vspace> 4. Chop out side light connections, re-connect +/- of LEDs & sidelight to orinial wires using a "chop-block": <:vspace> <:block>8B9B* [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-16.jpg | GlowingBadge-16.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-17.jpg | GlowingBadge-17.jpg]] <:vspace> <:vspace> !! The Finished Article <:vspace> There you have it, chavvy or funky? You decide. <:vspace> <:block>10B11B* [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-18.jpg | GlowingBadge-18.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-19.jpg | GlowingBadge-19.jpg]] * [[Attach:Projects.IlluminatedBadge/GlowingBadge-DSC_0352.jpg | GlowingBadge-DSC_0352.jpg]] <:vspace> <:vspace> !! Shopping List <:vspace> * LED Bank - 7 (Darms of SN) * Genuine Badge - 22.55 (Cotswolds Subaru, Witney) * White Enamel - 3 approx (Halfords) <:vspace> <:vspace> %right%''[-Information Source - SIDC forum thread, [[http://forums.sidc.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=123555 | Glowing Subaru Badge Project]]-]''(:groupfooter:) <:block>