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How to remove rear disks

Subaru disk and calliper

This article applies to the Newage Impreza's however might well be applicable to Classic's also.

To remove the rear disks:

  1. Ensure the handbrake is off - make sure the car can't roll anywhere!
  2. Undo calipers - there are 2 big bolts.
  3. Disks should then slide off.
  4. If necessary back of the shoe adjusters a little. There are 2 oval holes in the backplate behind the axle, use a flat blade screwdriver to engage with the notches in the adjuster and lever them round a couple of clicks.
  5. If the disk is still stuck, put a set screw in each of the threaded holes in the face of the disk bell and wind them in till the disk pops off.

Information source - SIDC forum thread How Does The Rear Brake Disks Come Off?

Page last modified on September 23, 2007, at 10:17 PM
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