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(:groupheader:)!! European Domestic Market (EDM) <:vspace> Note, this is a temporary page to test how I can improve the formatting of our list of ECU ROM downloads. Here's attempt number one ... thought I would keep the tables for EDM, JDM, USDM separate as model years are not guaranteed to be common across sales territories. This also keeps the tables slimmer! <:vspace> ||border=1 width=80% ||!Model Yr ||!WRX ||!WRX STi || ||2002 ||[[http://forums.openecu.org/download.php?id=150 | A4SE900D (AF531 7555)]][[<<]][[http://forums.openecu.org/download.php?id=479 | A4SE700D (AF530 7554)]] ||[[http://forums.openecu.org/download.php?id=516 | A4RG060Q (AG820 2591)]] || ||2003 ||[[http://forums.openecu.org/download.php?id=438 | A4TE100G (AH751 5142)]] [[<<]][[http://forums.openecu.org/download.php?id=187 | A4TE001G (AH750 5141)]] ||to do... || ||2004 ||to do... ||[[http://forums.openecu.org/download.php?id=61 | A4RN200H (AH992 5513)]] [[<<]][[http://forums.openecu.org/download.php?id=60 | A4RM100H (AH990 5512)]] || ||2005 ||[[http://forums.openecu.org/download.php?id=493 | A4TE300D (AJ830 8820)]] ||[[http://forums.openecu.org/download.php?id=133 | A4RN300G (AJ840 8830)]] ||(:groupfooter:) <:block>