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Below is table illustrating the various standard ('normal') boost pressures including fuel cuts on various model year Impreza's.

Boost Pressure Chart

Model / VariantFuel CutBoost Target
WRX/STi Saloon ECU's 2C, U8, W6, W914.57 psi11.47psi held to redline
WRX (1995/96) ECU Z415.65 psi12.71psi, dropping to 11.78psi @ 6600rpm
UK/Aus/Euro ECU's V7, 7D and 6D14.87 psi11.47psi, dropping to 9.47psi at 6600rpm
UK Prodive ECU15.65 psi13.33psi (peaks to 13.64 @ 5600rpm, drops to 12.71psi @ 6600rpm)
STi RA (1996) ECU 7K15.96 psi13.17psi (peaks to 13.64psi @ 5800rpm)
WRX Wagon ECU V913.79 psi10.55psi dropping to 6.84psi (starts to drop @ 5000rpm)
UK Classic (Turbo 2000)-13.05 psi / 0.9 Bar
JDM WRX or WRX Sti-15.95 psi / 1.1 Bar
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