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(:groupheader:)Q: Who am I? A: I'm also known as 'crispyduck' on most of the popular Scooby forums around the world. <:vspace> I've had a couple of Scoobys over the last 5 years (MY00 and MY03 WRX). Just can't bring myself to get anything else for my 70 mile round trip to work every day. <:vspace> I've created and hosted this web site in my spare time as a hobby and for free use. A few other web sites (some very old) are here: * [[http://www.visual-impulse.co.uk | Visual Impulse]] * [[http://www.matthew.reeves.hemscott.net/index.html | Reeves Roofing]] <:vspace> !! My Current Car <:vspace> ||border=0 width=90% ||'''Model:''' ||Impreza WRX MY03 4DR Saloon ('53' plate blob-eye model) || ||'''Warranty:''' ||Remaining balance of standard Subaru three-year warranty plus six-year body work warranty || ||'''Colour:''' ||WR-Blue || ||'''Source:''' ||Personal import by me from a Subaru main dealer in Belgium || ||'''Specification:''' ||Standard UK spec (incl. tracker device) expect I requested the optional bucket seats :-) see pics below || ||'''Mileage:''' ||38,000 mainly rush hour motorway miles || ||'''Condition:''' ||Excellent condition inside and out, as one would expect from a well looked after car || ||'''Servicing:''' ||Four main dealer services carried out at 10K, 20K, 30K and 40K) || ||'''Modifications:''' ||Minor mods carried out in the same way as a PPP'ed car. Performance is thus the same (well slightly better) than a WRX PPP. || <:vspace> [[mailto:enquiries@scoobypedia.co.uk | Contact me]] if you are interested in purchasing my pride and joy. Not worried when I sell it, simply after current market value. <:vspace> Attach:SMC_MY03_WRX_Side.jpg | '''Side - 53 Plate MY03 WRX''' <:vspace> Attach:SMC_MY03_WRX_Front2.jpg | '''Front - 53 Plate MY03 WRX''' <:vspace> Attach:SMC_MY03_WRX_Back.jpg | '''Rear - 53 Plate MY03 WRX''' <:vspace> Attach:SMC_MY03_WRX_Inside2.jpg | '''Inside - 53 Plate MY03 WRX'''(:groupfooter:) <:block>